About Me


In January 2013, my daughter transitioned from staying home all day with Daddy or her Auntie while I went to work, to attending daycare full-time. I recall the absolute state of red hot panic I went into on the eve of her first day at daycare–not because my precious baby was going to be away from home–but because I HAD NOTHING TO FEED HER!

I quickly realized that I desperately needed a plan!

I began to plan out the upcoming week of meals for my family (breakfast, lunch, and snack for the baby, and dinner for all of us), build a full grocery list, grocery shop, then do the majority of my prep work and cooking before the week even started!

When my friends found out I was doing this (and preparing healthy meals to boot), they wanted me to share my menu with them. Then my family found out, and asked me to share with them. Then I told my Facebook friends, and they wanted me to share too. The email distribution list grew so much that it just made sense to put everything online!

Even if you only take one recipe, tip, or menu from 52 Menus | 52 Weeks, that’s one less thing that you had think of yourself, and more time that you get to spend with your family (or enjoying some quiet time at Starbucks, if you’re me).

In my book, that’s a win!