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New Menu

Weekly Menu: Week 43 (10/21/13-10/25/13)

Believe it or not, I really did plan a menu last week. Sorta. I cooked a few recipes (you can see them on my Pinterest), but I couldn’t find the time/motivation/brain cells to put together the whole shebang.

Truthfully, I’m SUPER PREOCCUPIED right now with getting my house ready for the baby to arrive. I did this to some degree when I was pregnant with baby 1.0, but it seems to be slightly more amplified this time. I’m not entirely sure why, but I think it has something to do with the fact that we bought our house and moved in September 2011, and then The Toddler was born in March.

You know how you move your stuff into a new house, and then you end up rearranging the furniture again 6 months later because you realize after living and breathing in the house for a while that the chair you put in THAT CORNER isn’t going to work because every time you open the closet door, it bangs into the chair? Yeah…it’s sort of like that.

So now I’m nesting, and my “MUST IMMEDIATELY MOVE ALL OF THE THINGS INTO THEIR PROPER PLACES” has kicked into overdrive.

So I won’t bore you here with the details about my kitchen and dining room master plan…because you’re probably just here for a menu. If you want to read more about that, you can check out the details on House Becomes Home (in which you’ll learn more than you likely ever wanted to know about my broken garbage disposal and gold-trimmed ceiling fan).

This week, I’m ahead of the game. It’s Thursday, and I’m done with the menu. This is a new record.

The recipe I’m most excited about this week…

Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 12.57.03 PM[source]

Because really…anything that contains tater tots is pretty special to me.

Here’s the new recipes this week:

Just a couple of notes–

*For the Creamed Chicken & Corn soup, you can make your own cream of chicken soup rather than using a canned version. There are all kinds of Cream of Chicken recipes online, but I like Pinch Of Yum’s recipe the best because it’s super easy, quick, and it tastes good (3 things I can never argue with when it comes to a recipe).

*Also, for that same recipe…please make your own homemade creamed corn. It’s SO MUCH better than the yucky canned version. I use this recipe from The Hungry Housewife…and I love creamed corn, so I have to seriously pace myself when I make this recipe.

And the recycled recipes:

You can find all of the recipes, the menu & grocery list on box.net. Keep in mind that I didn’t add the ingredients for homemade cream of chicken soup or homemade creamed corn to the grocery list, so if you want to make those from scratch, make sure to add them (and omit the canned versions from the grocery list).

I hope the weather is beautiful this weekend for you! It’s finally starting to feel like fall in Maryland, and this makes me very happy.

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thai coconut curry soup

Thai Coconut Curry Soup [Noodles & Co. Remix]

A few years ago, I was both blessed and cursed after trying Noodles & Company’s Thai Curry Soup. Blessed because the stuff is delicious; cursed because the stuff is delicious.

[courtesy of Noodles & Co. Website]

[and, not the healthiest choice]

Needless to say, there was good reason to remix this recipe.  I love this soup, but since I want to eat it all the time, it’s not a sensible choice to order the real deal 7 days per week.  My jeans don’t conform to this decision.

Don’t be scared about the seemingly long list of ingredients.  You probably have everything in your kitchen right now besides the coconut milk, lemongrass, Chinese cabbage, bok choy and scallions.

Now, if you want, you can leave the cilantro and scallions out of the initial cooking process and just use them as garnish.  Some people don’t care for the way they look when they’re cooked, but I like the flavor that they add to the soup.  Either way is good, so the decision is yours.

Or, you can substitute the scallions for red onion.

Or, you can leave both out.

Or, you can do 1/2 and 1/2.

You could also slice up a raw tomato into wedges and add a wedge or two to each bowl when you serve the soup.

This soup is a party waiting to happen.

I’m a total mushroom-a-holic.  I love them lots.

I normally taste my soup throughout the cooking process, not only because I’m impatient, but also because the flavor tends to change as it cooks.  I like this soup pretty flavorful, so I add a lot of curry powder.  If you hate curry powder, you can leave it out, but it’ll be much less tasty.

To round off this soup, I added some marinated and grilled firm tofu.  It was fantastic.  You could also add chicken or shrimp, and it will be just as yummy.

This recipe will yield about 8 – 2 cup servings of soup, which is similar to the serving of a “regular” bowl at Noodles & Co.  Here is the nutritional information for each serving (assuming 8 – 2 cup servings):

Not too shabby, right?

Print the recipe, and make it…it’s delicious!

Screen shot 2013-03-13 at 10.31.42 AM